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    All the latest news from the CNGS Group. Find press releases, video's, announcements and publications in our news centre, or search by date through the archive.

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    Here you can find fact sheets of our projects and facilities. For some of our major projects we provide libraries on our website, which include images, videos and animations, these can be found here.

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    You can meet the CNGS Group at a wide range of events around the world, from industry-specific trade shows in Houston to labour market events at Universities.

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    The CNGS Group Media Gallery hosts images of our activities around the world. Images can be downloaded and are for journalistic purposes only. Our YouTube channel offers a regularly updated collection of CNGS Group videos.

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    We have a library of information and publications all designed to help you find out more about CNGS Group and the work we do. Please click on the link to view our latest publications.